The Valley Hispanic Bomberos take pride in guiding associate members on their journey not only to become firefighters, but also in becoming better people.  We mentor our members through leading by example. As an organization, we strive to provide opportunities and tools our members can utilize in their daily lives. 

Our organization provides the resources for our members, but it is the members responsibility to utilize them.  We have identified 5 different areas that will help our associate members:

  • Mentorship

  • Community Involvement

  • Total Wellness

  • Testing / Interview Prep

  • Ride-a-longs

Our goal is to develop respectful, responsible, genuine, humble, and hard-working individuals.  Introducing these characteristics to our associate members, sets them up for success in the fire service, and in life.  Our goal is to mold each associate member into a well-rounded individual, so they can excel in both their personal and professional lives.